Professional Sandblasting in Cranbourne

If you have a product that needs to be restored to its original look, Pro-cote Powder coating can help. We take pride in our professional, reliable and affordable sandblasting services in Cranbourne.

Our qualified technicians can take the hassle out of removing years of corrosion or paint from any surface. With our expert abrasive blasting services, restoring your product will be easy, effortless and cost-effective.

For over 20 years, we have been catering to the sandblasting requirements of residents, businesses and industry across Cranbourne. We offer a wide range of sandblasting services to tackle corrosion and other unsightly developments. Our experienced technicians can provide a customised solution to suit your requirements.

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Surface Preparation Specialists

During the sandblasting process, we use a high-speed jet to force an abrasive material across a surface to remove all the surface contaminants or to smoothen/roughen the surface. We could use this process to prepare a surface for powder coating or to refurbish a component/part/surface to its original condition.

Sandblasting is great for removing grease, scales, sand, rust, paint, or dirt from most metal objects to make them look as good as new. Once the surface has been sandblasted, we can also powder coat it for a quality, durable finish.

We can sandblast anything from agricultural machinery, trailers and large machine parts to garden gates, motorcycle frames, vehicle parts, radiators, wood products, fireplaces, wheels, benches and more.

Customised Sandblasting Solutions

We use a wide range of abrasive materials to provide unmatched finish and lasting results. Some of the most commonly used abrasive materials include:

  • Garnet – This is the most popular material used in place of sand. It is a hard and sharp abrasive that’s used for preparing the surface on non-ferrous metals before they’re re-coated. The grade used will depend on the material being blasted and the finish you desire.
  • Steel Grit – Boasting the same qualities as garnet, this abrasive material can be re-used. Steel greet is primarily used for removing heavy rust deposits and also to provide a quality surface profile in marine, heavy industrial and off-shore industry.
  • Aluminium Oxide – This is a durable, angular abrasive that’s ideal for thin materials because of their fast-cutting action. It’s a softer material and is suited for non-ferrous and ferrous metals. It’s typically used for cleaning parts before they are powder coated.
  • Glass Beads – Known as bead blasting, this is typically used to polish stainless steel, especially in the food and drinks industry. For more commercial jobs like removing welding stains from stainless steel, glass beads can be mixed with Aluminium Oxide for an aggressive cutting effect.

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