Premium Quality Powder Coating Services in Pakenham

Pro-cote Powder coating provides a wide range of powder coating services to clients across Pakenham. For over 20 years, we have brought to life a wide range of projects with our specialised powder coating services. From designer components and intricate pieces to heavy steel components and aluminium extrusions, we’ve powder coated hundreds of thousands of parts.

A high-quality finish preserves your product, offering resistance against rust and other intrusions. If your company works with steel, you must ensure your product is built to last. Powder coating is ideal for products made of aluminium, cast iron, plated aluminium and steel products, galvanised steel, tubular products made of steel and aluminium and sandblasted surfaces of aluminium and steel.

When you are looking for the best surface finish for your metal products, think of Pro-cote Powder coating. We offer a variety of powder coating solutions in Pakenham to create the finish you desire. All work is carried out at our purpose-built factor by trained and experienced technicians who understand powder coating like the back of their hand.

Wide Range of Colour Choices

Choose from an array of colours and finishes for your powder coating project. The colours are wide and varied to ensure you can find the perfect colour you are looking for. We use colours from Akzo Nobel, Dulux and Jotun and the finish options include gloss, matt, satin, metallic and textured.

All Aluminium and Steels

We can powder coat any non-ferrous or ferrous object that can take an electrostatic charge whilst withstanding the heat of the curing process. Powder could be applied to all types of projects from complex and intricate to simple and large, whilst maintaining a uniform finish across the surface.

Masking Preparations

Often a product being powder coated may have certain areas that need to be masked off to make sure those areas aren’t coated during the process. This becomes necessary for electrical or telecommunications items where it’s critical to ensure that a connection between parts is maintained. At Pro-cote Powder Coating, we will prepare the item per your specifications for masking as necessary.

Large Scale Jobs

We can powder coat very large objects as our factory is purpose-built to accommodate small and large objects. No matter the size of your product, we can powder coat it professionally at our state of the art facility.

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