Premium Sandblasting in Carrum Downs

If you are looking for quality sandblasting services in Carrum Downs, contact Pro-cote Powder coating today! With over 20 years of experience, we can remove coatings to restore any surface to its former glory. Our experienced and qualified technicians will implement the most effective techniques for your project.

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Sandblasting Done Right in Carrum Downs

When you want to prepare a surface for new work or paint job, sandblasting is a highly effective and efficient solution. Compared to other methods of cleaning contaminants on hard surfaces, abrasive blasting from Pro-cote Powder coating can save you time and money.

As the name suggests, sandblasting is the process of forcing a mixture of air and sand over a surface at high speeds. Whether you want to clean a surface, shape it or smoothen it, sandblasting is an excellent technique. We take great pride in offering our sandblasting services to residential, commercial and industrial clients across Carrum Downs.

We use a wide range of techniques to make sandblasting as effective and safe as possible to meet your requirements. For instance, when removing rust from steel, we’d use a coarse abrasive boasting maximum air pressure to deliver fast, effective results. Once we’re done blasting, you will see a rust-free surface that’s ready for repainting.

If a job calls for removing paint from a slightly delicate surface, we use a fine abrasive and blast it out at a slower speed to ensure the surface stays damage-free whilst achieving a finer profile.

State of the Art Sandblasting Facility

All work is carried out at our purpose-built factory so you won’t have to worry about handling waste or causing disruption to your business.

Our facility is fitted with a large blast barn, several spray booths as well as dust collection equipment. We are focused on sandblasting and powder coating a range of products including trailers, trucks, structural steel, heavy construction equipment, salt spreaders, steel beams, metal balustrades, bikes, cars and more.

Experienced and Qualified Technicians

Technicians at Pro-cote, are well-trained, fully-qualified and licensed professionals who have been doing this for several years. They understand every aspect of sandblasting and can customise their service to suit your requirements and specifications of the job.

Our technicians have access to the latest equipment and protective gear to deliver a stellar job without compromise. No matter the size or scope of the job, we can get it done.

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