Powder Coating Melbourne


At Pro-cote Powdercoating we are proud to offer quality powder coating services and solutions to customers right across Melbourne. 

More cost-effective and durable than conventional paint, powder coating involves spraying a surface with a dry powder that is then cured at a high temperature to provide a tough, lasting and eye-catching finish that will protect any surface. 

Powder coated protects surfaces from corrosion and will stand up to years of exposure to harsh weather conditions. Powder coating also defends against marks and scratches meaning you won’t have to waste time and money on frequent and expensive touch-ups or additional coats of paint to achieve a clean finish. Maintenance is quick and simple, with no chemicals needed to clean the surface. 

With over 20 years of industry experience we are one of the leading powder coating companies in Australia, delivering lasting results for both residential and commercial projects. All our comprehensive work is delivered at an affordable price. 


Need powder coating services delivered to your work site? Then look no further than Pro-cote Powdercoating, the industry professionals.

Thanks to our work in on site powder coating, our customers can enjoy the benefits of a professional and qualified service delivered to their business, factory or industrial complex. This is the perfect option to provide larger or secured objects with lasting protection from rust and scratches.

Our two powder coating booths ensure that our team can paint any object, no matter how awkwardly shaped or heavy. These booths provide a consistent result on every project, no matter what the size or scale might be.

At Pro-cote Powdercoating we supply a range of different colours and finishes that our customers can choose from. From gloss and satin to matte and textured finishes, you’re sure to find the right look to suit your needs.

Our range includes powder coating solutions from Dulux, Akzo Nobel (Interpon) and Jotun. Powder coating paints are often more environmentally-friendly than everyday painting products, releasing far fewer chemicals during the application and keeping your worksite green and safe.

When they want to learn more about the benefits of professional powder coating Melbourne customers can call the experienced team at Pro-cote Powdercoating today on 03 5977 3281.

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